Sponsors TEDxNavesink 2014

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Most of us are familiar with the TED Conference. You know, Ideas worth spreading. That giant yearly event where the smartest people on Earth come together to learn and share ideas. Where tickets are almost harder to come by than a trip into space on Virgin Galactic. Well, there are also smaller TEDx events across the globe, independently organized conferences that continue to embody the true spirit of TED.

TEDxNavesink 2014 was no exception. The brain child of Brian Smiga, this brilliantly organized conference was held at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ on Saturday, May 10. The conference hosted over 200 attendees, who enjoyed an entire day of inspiring talks and musical performances. Over 20 sessions were presented, all related to this year’s theme: PLAY!

We heard talks from educators and game designers, the creator of next-generation New York kids’ playgrounds, and a range of professionals discussing the scientific and social importance (and decline) of PLAY in education. There were also sessions that highlighted the importance of PLAY at any age.

Putting together such a large, high-caliber schedule is no small feat. I tip my hat to the organizers and over 40 volunteers who came together to make TEDxNavesink a fun and memorable experience. It was indeed a pleasure for to participate as a title sponsor and I suspect you’ll see us back at TEDxNavesink in 2015!