SMS Kept Me Connected During CES

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I just returned from an interesting trip to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  There were announcements, launches and meetings all day every day of the show. But there was a black eye on the entire event for me. From the time I arrived in Vegas on Monday afternoon until I left Thursday afternoon I had trouble connecting to the internet as well as making/receiving phone calls.  

I was equipped with an iPhone, an Android Phone, a BlackBerry and a Nokia phone and every single device had connectivity issues. I think a lot of it had to do with AT&T the provider on 3 of the 4 devices.  There were just to many people using to much of the network and bandwidth in to small an area for AT&T to be able to keep up.  The interesting thing was that the 1 phone that wasn’t on AT&T worked a tad better.  It was able to make/receive calls and receive email.  It’s a Tru sim on T-Mobile.  

All that being said, I still had to communicate with my wife and peers.  The only thing I could use was SMS and it was by no means reliable but it did work and it was better then nothing.  The issue was, what number do I use?  I don’t like using my personal cell phone for business and the Tru number I don’t even know.  My best option was using (which I use all the time anyways).  Because data wasn’t working I didn’t think I could use our app so I decided to take advantage of one of our SMS feature.  Whenever I get an SMS on my number it’s sent via SMS to my personal number.  I see who texte’d me and I’m able to just respond to that SMS and the recipient sees my number, not my personal number.  This wasn’t perfect because I didn’t know how to initiate a first SMS to a person but it was far better then the alternative, which was no contact at all.  

I’m really glad that kept me connected and that I was able to communicate with the people I needed to.  It was the only way I was able to reschedule some meetings and change locations of others.  Plus I was able to keep in contact with my wife.  All in all saved me, as usual.