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expresswritersThere is no better affirmation for us at than hearing from happy customers who are actively using our service and seeing it make a real difference in how they do business.  Today I want to share the story of Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, a company that specializes in copywriting and writing services.

For nearly a year they have used and when asked how they use the service, McCoy remarked, “It is our all-in-one phone solution, and without it, my business would not have the same stellar phone customer support.”  When asked about the features she enjoys most, Julia included a laundry list of items including hold music, greetings, call handling rules and much more.  The most critical feature to them, however, is our new iPhone app, which allows their customer-service representatives to call clients while displaying their number in caller ID.

Express Writers moved to from a competitor, not only because of the lower price, but also due to a tremendous increase in value.  She commented that Express Writers has saved roughly $10-15 consistently monthly and gained triple this in features for a lower price!

When asked about our customer service, Julia was especially impressed, saying:

“Let me tell you—your customer service sets the bar across industries. I have dealt with the customer service of all my clients’ companies and all my marketing solutions, and have only found 1 or 2 among thousands that come close to how friendly, how available, and how helpful‘s customer service is. Your representatives must be from another planet because each and every one of them are so extremely pleasant. I have yet to talk to one offshore/non-professional/average representative. Each one is stellar in support.”

We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Julia and Express Writers.  The opportunity to provide them with unparalleled value, features accessible on all of their devices, and awesome customer service is what we strive for at

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