Offers 100% Automated Voicemail Transcription

After keeping this quite for some time has launched a fully automated voicemail transcription service. It offers a more secure way of having your voicemail transcribed because no human being besides the recipient will ever hear it. The new service doesn’t use any human translation, so only the recipient will ever hear or read your voice message.

Additionally your voicemail will be emailed to you so you can listen to it if you’d like or keep it in your email as a record of the message. This is great because it is then search-able in your email. Transcriptions can also be sent as an SMS text message to your cell phone.

“Our automated Text Voicemail provides the highest level of speech recognition technology, enabling faster and more accurate transcriptions.”

It is currently available and costs $1.50 per month for unlimited messages. Additionally it is FREE for the first month so give it a try and if it does not live up to your expectations you can always disable it. To enable the service just log in to your account, go to your extension settings and enable “Automated Transcriptions”.

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We hope you like the new feature and if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to email