Launches Two New Mobile Apps: Mobile Office App & iPhone VoIP App

Dear friends,

We are constantly working to improve our services, listening to our customer’s feedback and adding new features at every opportunity.

Today we are extremely pleased to introduce our two new Mobile Phone Apps: Mobile Office Mobile Office is available for all Android phone users. It can be downloaded FREE of charge directly from your Android phone Market Place. You can then place calls from your mobile phone using your phone number(s) as well as viewing messages within your inbox, checking your call logs and so much more. See detailed list below: Mobile Office enables Android users to:

-Listen to, read and manage your account voicemail
-View received faxes
-Review call history
-Block calls from unwanted or unidentified numbers
-Send and receive SMS messages
-Click and connect to your private conference call bridge
-Take advantage of low international calling rates Mobile Office works with any plan as long as you have an Android phone.

Note that mobile phone minutes will be used to place calls using this app, as well as minutes based on your plan. Mobile VoIP Mobile VoIP is a Voice over IP App free for download from the iPhone app store. Available to any Virtual Office customer by simply adding the iPhone Extension in your account. The Mobile VoIP allows you to place calls from your iPhone using your number. Please note either Wi-Fi or a 3G connection is required. No mobile phone minutes are used when you use this app (though data minutes are used when you use it with a 3G connection). Mobile VoIP enables iPhone users to:

-Use a mobile VoIP phone (a soft phone)
-Dial from an iPhone as if it is an extension of their account
-Bypass phone providers (no cell phone minutes are used) by using Wi-Fi or 3G network to make the call

For more information on these apps and video demos please visit our mobile apps page on the website.

As always we appreciate your feedback, so please write to us to feedback @


Ari Rabban, CEO & your entire team