Launches a BlackBerry App, It’s Our 3rd App Of The Year!

At we are so proud of our accomplishments in 2010. We’ve launched iPhone and Android apps up to this point and today we’re launching out newest app. The long awaited BlackBerry app is out of beta and up on our site for download. It’s been in the works for a while an we’re so proud to have it for you to use.

Don’t wait to get to the bottom of this post to download it, go get it now at from your BlackBerry browser.

It is very similar to our other apps but it’s on the platform used by more small business owners then any other. It would seem the BlackBerry is the backbone of small businesses and now we’re cutting the cord of your desk phone. No longer will you have to be in your office to make calls from your office number. You can view your voicemail/received faxes, click and connect to the private conference call bridge, review call history, block calls from unwanted or unidentified numbers, send and receive SMS messages, and more.

This is a quote from Jonathan Jones CEO of Jones Web Design one of our beta testers “We were already seeing improved flexibility of communication and increased efficiency by adding the Virtual Office system, but adding the BlackBerry application doubled that!”

Thanks Jonathan and all of our beta testers. We couldn’t have made the app as good as it is now without your help.

Go now and download our new BlackBerry app and if you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to email me and we’ll get you sorted out.