Is The Choice For Communication While Abroad!

Well I’ve been using services almost exclusively for my entire trip here to Barcelona. I’ve been trying different sim cards and services along the way but my entire time I’ve been having connectivity issues because there are literally 50,000 people visiting the city for Mobile World Congress and their all packed into the convention area. It’s been an amazing show and I’m really getting a sense of what the pulse of the mobile community is right now.

But what I want to point out in this blog post as I head to the airport is that the 1 single service that has worked for me the entire time is In all honesty I haven’t made more then 2 or 3 phone calls and all of them were back to the US. I was able to make them using so my wife knew it was me calling because my caller ID showed up. Even better the sound quality was amazing and we had no connection issues what so ever.

Almost all of my communication with friends and to set up meetings has been via SMS. In this case I tried using the different sim cards I have to test them but 1 didn’t send a message another couldn’t receive a message. Another could only send from a random number so the recipient didn’t know it was me sending it. As I was testing these different services I was of course using as well. Low and behold was the only service that I’ve been able to send and receive text messages on the entire time without any issue. I’ve had my number appear with the SMS so the recipients knew it was me. I’ve had my incoming messages pushed to my phone and sent to my email. I’ve literally been able to have entire conversations via SMS in real time, setting up meetings and telling people I’m standing here or there without any delay in delivery. Even if I didn’t work for I’d still be using their service because it’s so reliable and easy to use.