Is Great For The Elderly And Their Families

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My in-laws have been customers for almost a year now and it’s been a wonderful experience, I’ll explain in a later post how they are using it. But what I want to talk about today is how wonderful my experience has been being their online control panel. We’ve tweaked their settings and set up address books for them. Well I’ve done all of this and I’ve have a great experience doing it. That’s one of the things I like so much. In the past they had phone service from their local telco, and then from their ISP and in both cases there were always little problems, like no dial tone or calls wouldn’t go through. I never had any control over their phone system back then, the only thing I could do was call and complain and hope someone would help, talk about frustrating. Now I have the control panel and I can access their address book to give them numbers, I can forward their calls to their cell phones if they wanted me to and I can even forward calls to my wifes cell phone if need be.

This has made my life so much easier, I’m not nearly as frustrated because I’m not getting the call that something isn’t working and if I did now I can check the status of their phone line, see if it’s connected, see if the line is degraded and even turn the volume up for them all from my computer. One of my favorite features that my wife and I use all the time is that we get emailed their transcribed voicemail so we can read it and decide if we really need to listen to it (which we can do from any phone world wide) then report back to them.

This has been a huge stress reliever for me because I was getting daily or weekly calls before they got, not knowing how to listen to their voicemail, not knowing who called, always having call quality issues etc. Now they pay less then $10/month instead of the $30 – $40/month with the other providers. I believe it was even more then that, closer to $60 but I’m not finding that old pricing on line. They are saving upwards of $360/year and getting better service. So if you’re looking for a consumer phone service, that’s very easy for the elderly and their family to use I highly suggest