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Being able to dial internationally from my cell phone really came in handy this weekend. Most people would never consider doing this due to the outrageous expense but I was able to call overseas from my cell phone as if I was sitting at my desk in my office. Let me explain my wife (this is Jeb by the way) had to have an emergency appendectomy and word in my family spreads fast. So I was getting concerned calls from all over the world from family members asking if my wife was ok and asking me to call and text them when she was out of surgery.

So as soon as I heard from the doctor that she came out of surgery and all went well, I called and texted everyone who asked me to. As I was doing this I was thinking how much it would have cost if I was using my cell phone’s carrier plan versus on my cell phone (from my Mobile Office app utilizing my Virtual Office account). Now for transparency sake I was using a company comped account so I didn’t pay but I would have been paying ¢44/min with versus $1.69/min with AT&T calling a cell phone in England. That’s almost 4 times more expensive.

At the time I was making the calls and sending the texts I wasn’t all that concerned about the money but looking back, I would have been pretty upset spending an arm and a leg. I also don’t have international dialing turned on via AT&T because I always know I can count on It’s a comfort knowing I can call my family and close friends around the world and not stress about it.

Let this story be a lesson that emergencies happen and you need to be prepared for them. Whether it be a medical emergency or a natural disaster like hurricane Irene you always need to be prepared to communicate with family and friends. It’s makes everyone a little happier to know you’re ok. By the way my wife is recovering at home now and texting me instead of ringing a bell.


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