Is Being Used On Over 100 Different Android Devices!

Earlier this week I was having an email exchange about our Mobile Office Android app and our lead Mobile Product Developer (who is a genius by the way) told me a wild statistic. Not only is being downloaded and used by a lot of people, it’s being used by a lot of different devices. Not only that it’s being used by some unreleased devices as well (neither one of us had ever heard of it) I was shocked at the sheer number of different Android devices our Mobile Office app is being used on. We had a list of over 100 different Android phones that are currently running it.

I honestly didn’t even think there were 100 different Android phones yet but there obviously are. Just out of curiosity if you’re using an Android handset, what is it? Leave a comment on the blog or tell us on FaceBook or Twitter. We want to hear from you.