Investor ff Venture Capital Talks To TechCrunch TV

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The founder of ff Venture Capital John Frankel ( and David Teten ( who joined ffVC last year both got interviewed by TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld (  They talk about a few subjects from raising capital to how they invest it in new companies.  What I thought was most interesting was how they choose a company to invest in.  They focus on the people and teams along with who’s looking at services in the future not what’s hot right now.  

John, David and Erick talk a little about the 2 rounds ffVC has raised and named a few of their companies including of course.  To be fair and not leave anyone out here’s a link to their portfolio list.  

Instead of me telling you about the video I suggest you take a couple minutes, just over 7 minutes to be exact and watch it.