Introduces new business phone service on an HD voice Network

Today is a special day for all of us at!

This morning we announced our new Business Phone Service. This is a service based on a simple product: the PHONE!
Yes. Complementing our successful and award winning – Virtual Office service we now let our customers enjoy a real high quality business phone on their desk at home or in their office.

Our new Business Phone service works in conjunction with Virtual Office and provides a complete business experience for our customers who can dial and receive calls using their numbers plus enjoy all of the Virtual Office features.

We are also very proud to support high definition (HD) voice capability. HD voice is somewhat new but growing. The basic proposition is simple: much better quality when you talk on the phone. It is what we call “CD like” quality. HD voice quality can be achieved only with voice over IP networks and only when 1) the network supports HD capability, which is what the network does and we hope other service providers will follow and do, and 2) when both parties use an HD voice enabled phone.
At we conducted extensive tests and decided to offer our customers Polycom phones. The Polycom HD Voice phones have superior voice quality and the company is committed to the success of HD Voice. We also want to thank Jeffrey Rodman, Polycom Co-founder and CTO of its Voice Division for his help and support.

We also thank VoIP industry pioneer and host of the HD Voice conference, Jeff Pulver for enthusiastically promoting the introduction of HD voice in the market place.
Finally, here is what industry analyst Jon Arnold had to say about our announcement: “I really like this news for both partners”, said Jon Arnold, Principal of analyst consultancy J Arnold & Associates. “Being an early adopter, is using HD voice as a differentiator, and showing the market that even small businesses can benefit from this great technology. For Polycom, offers a unique entree to a large market that has significant upside once they discover how good HD really is.”

HD is “cool” and the voice quality is great but it is still early because in order to enjoy the quality both parties need to own an HD enabled phone and the network has to support the technology. So this is perfect for a business customer who buys 2-3 phones for its own use and where each employee or partner works out of their home. This will ensure calls between the three employees / partners will always be HD grade!

However, regardless of HD, with our new Business Phone service any small business can enjoy great voice quality with a great Polycom IP business phone on their office or home office desk regardless of who you make calls to or receive calls from. this is because the Polycom phones are great and offer superior voice quality whenever you use them.

The new service offers all the advanced features that come with our Virtual Office service plus the great advantage of having a business desk phone.
Our customer support agents are always available to help you sort out the right phone and plan for you!