Features And Options

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Last night I saw the Verizon commercial featuring a small tree company, they were using their tablets and phones for logistics and communication to get a giant tree planted quickly. Now this post isn’t a commercial for Verizon but I got thinking how every business is so different and has it’s own unique needs. Some peoples communications needs are just a work number and an app on their cell phone to make phone calls and send SMS. Others need 10 desktop phones, professionally recorded menu system with call queuing and hold music. While others need international call forwarding, international phone numbers and voicemail transcription.

Surprisingly (not to me of course) does all of that and more. If you’re already a customer it might be time you explored our more then 60 features and if you’re not it’s definitely time to check us out.

Keep in mind we have high definition plug and play desktop phones that only take seconds to set up but offer abundant options, some you’d expect and others just might surprise you. We also have apps for the top mobile phone platforms allowing you to access many of our services in the office or on the go. And lastly we have analog phone adapters (ATA) allowing you to use a traditional (RJ-11) phone with, in case you want to keep your old phone, saving a few dollars.

I’ll let you in on a secret as well, in the next little while we’re going to be releasing a new way for you to interact with your phone service and a little farther in the future something so secret I can’t even hint about it. Yes I’m excited and you should be as well. Keep coming back to our blog, Facebook page or Twitter account to stay up to date on all our developments.