Enables Reliance Partners, Inc. To Take Their Business Anywhere

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Reliance Partners, Inc. has been around since 2003, providing investment banking advisory services and creative financial solutions to international and domestic companies. With four main offices around the world, including one local to our office here in Poway, CA, the professional team over at Reliance Partners strives to provide a wide range of financial and strategic solutions to all of their clients and has a presence all over the world.

Don Christensen, Executive Chairman of Reliance Partners, Inc., took some time out of his schedule to share some of his favorite features of that have allowed his company to thrive over the past few years.  The variety of features offers enables Reliance Partners to grow their firm and establish strong relationships with their clients.

One feature that Don finds particularly valuable is the integration with mobile phones. allows users to set up call forwarding to multiple phone numbers, whether they are land lines or cell phones. It’s convenient for professionals on the go who are in and out of the office. Don’s personal mobile phone serves as his business phone and he can keep each of his numbers completely separate!  Don remarks, “The ability to use your mobile phone as your business phone, notifications via email and text, the ability to forward calls to any phone, internet based faxing, receiving faxes via email, and the flexibility to route incoming calls and manage unlimited users and extensions makes the ideal service for a global business like ours.”

Couple all of this with Don’s terrific experience with our customer service and the fact that he never waits on hold very long and you can see why has been a game changer for Reliance Partners. has helped them save thousands of dollars every year thanks to the competitive pricing and tremendous value and flexibility our features afford them.

Finally, Don made it clear that they recommend our service to many other people.  We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference for companies like Reliance Partners.  If you have found our service to be worthy of telling your friends and colleagues about, let us know on Twitter or Facebook and thank you for recommending!

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