Customer Spotlight: Context Travel

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When the Context Does Not Include an IT Department


Context Travel is not a run of the mill walking-tour company. Context has a network of scholars, professors, researchers and specialists who lead in-depth walking seminars of the world’s cultural capitals for small groups of intellectually curious travelers. With offices in the U.S., U.K., Italy, France and Turkey, the staff needs an absolutely reliable phone service 24/7/365, wherever they are.

Context Travel uses the service to create a world-wide umbrella over their entire company, allowing their employees in France or Asia, to be able to communicate with their clients through Global Numbers that ring to their individual cell phones. They can then transfer calls from London to another tour guide in Vienna by dialing their extension directly. With so many options available, Context Travel always stays connected as if they were all in the same office building.

When Context Travel was evaluating phone services, it wanted something that was affordable and easy to use and manage, and why they chose They got exactly what they needed. “We needed a central way to connect our phones systems, and a system that offered international numbers in the countries where we operate,” said Carolyn Macuga, U.S. Operations Manager at Context Travel. “ was able to offer that to us and that’s wonderful.”

The thing is, with a staff deeply educated in the arts, history, culture and architecture; Context Travel doesn’t have an IT department to run their communications needs. So, after two years of using, the best surprise was the amazingly attentive support they got whenever they needed it. Macuga says, “When we have tech issues, immediately helps us. Because we’re a small company, we don’t have our own tech support department. Having the support and tech teams at being so responsive is a huge benefit to us”.

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