Connects Logicomm, Inc. Across Borders And Oceans Connects Logicomm, Inc. Across Borders And Oceans

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bridgingthegapAt, we love nothing more than to partner with small businesses and to help them effectively serve their customers.  Since 1995, Logicomm, Inc. has offered network security and integration solutions to their customers.  With locations in the United States and Canada and clientele overseas, they needed a phone service that would allow them keep everyone under one umbrella.

Jim Van told us a bit about how they organized their phone system to differentiate between their two offices.  For their office in Providence, Rhode Island, they started all of their extensions with a 5 and for those in Toronto, those extensions all begin with 3.  For less than $5 per month they were able to add a number for their second location.  Better still is the fact that employees from either office can call each other simply by dialing the extensions of their colleagues.’s stellar customer service and intuitive control panel allow them to configure their phone system with ease.

Logicomm also serves many customers in the UK.  The savings continue as all of the UK locations they call are included in their plan.  Van boasts, “we spend less per year than we used to spend quarterly with the local telco for just a local line!”

It is truly a privilege to provide a flexible solution to Logicomm, Inc. that not only connects them across borders and oceans, but saves them a significant amount of money in the process.

Do you have a story about how is enabling you to communicate better in your business?  Please tell us on Twitter or Facebook.


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