ChatCalls: Similar To SMS But With Voice

I’ve been talking with some of the employees lately and I asked what is the most underutilized feature of our entire service. I got all kinds of different answers but one I got repeatedly and that I really think a lot of is our Chatcalls feature. It’s available on the dashboard and as a Facebook app. Chatcalls is really interesting in that it’s kind of like a text message but with voice. The sender creates a message, whether it’s their own voice they record or a typed message read by a computerized voice the recipient is called and when they pick up or the voice mail answers will read or play the message to them. My wife sent me a message recently reminding me to pick up bread at the store. This is great and can be done with our free SMS as well but imagine your a coach of a kids football team. Before the season begins you get all the parents contact info, but in this day and age you may not know if you’re getting their cell phone, home phone, work phone or number. Here’s where the problem lies, you can’t text the parents if you don’t know if their number is a cell phone or not. If it’s a home phone and you send the message you’re out of luck they won’t get it. Plus with it being so easy to transfer a number from a cell phone to a land line, the number they put down as a cell phone 6 months ago could be a land line now.

Chatcalls is the answer to this problem. It’s easy to create your message in 1 of 3 ways, 1 will call you, you speak the message into the phone and we record it. Then we upload it to your dashboard and it’s there for you to send. The 2nd way to upload it to your dashboard if you have recorded it in some other fashion is just to upload if in the Chatcalls section of our dashboard. Lastly and in my opinion the easiest is for you to type it and have one of our automated voices read it. So once it’s created you just add the name and number of the people you want to send it to. It’s really easiest if you just load your address book into the address book and you can then just select all or any number of them. You can even create groups so you can just send it to certain groups.

Now imagine how great it would be for the CEO of a company to be able to send out a Chatcalls in his own voice telling all the employees that they reached their goal for the month. He can’t call every single employee but the message to the employees is in the CEO’s voice, that’s so much more personal then an email. It might even make the employee feel better about where they work and potentially work a little harder.

The question is, how can you use ChatCalls? This might help, the ChatCalls feature is located on the left side of your dashboard as well as on Facebook at

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