can Save You Money On SMS When Traveling Abroad

One of my absolute favorite features of is it’s SMS support. Not only can you send and receive SMS on a mobile phone but you can do it from the web as well. I was on a very important call today I couldn’t get off of and me being the mobile fanatic I am was on my mobile phone. I had to send a text to someone regarding the call so I just hopped on the control panel and there on the left side is “Send SMS”. I sent my message got a reply (reading it on the web of course) and continued on with my call.

Now besides just being a great feature of it’s going to save me a bundle of money when I travel abroad. I’m going to Spain next week for Mobile World Congress (email me if you’d like to meet and chat about and because so many people will be roaming on their US sim they only want to send text messages. I for one will be not paying any more then I usually would because I’ll be using SMS from It’s geographically agnostic. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Barcelona or Los Angeles. I will be able to send and receive SMS from my work number as if I’m sitting at home in my office on a conference call but I’ll be in Barcelona at a trade show watching people pay outrageous amounts to send their SMS. will save me more money then it costs for 3 months of service, in 1 week. That’s right, I usually rack of a bill of about $30 when I go overseas.

So if you’re concerned about your budget as almost every small or medium sized business is check out how can save you a bundle and you’ll be getting the absolute best customer service available if you ever need to call.