Android Mobile App Feature Update

Our crack team of developers at have recently made some big updates to our Mobile Office app and I wanted to share them with our readers. You will have to update the Mobile Office app to get all these new features. If you don’t have the app yet you can download it from the Android Market or get it here(click from your Android device) and read about it on our website.

For starters the ones that I think peak users interest the most are:

  • Added push messaging for Froyo (Android 2.2 and beyond), meaning your text messages and voicemail will be received almost instantly on your phone
  • Added compatibility with Google Voice Actions, now you can control some actions like sending a text with your voice
  • Added an Inbox home screen short cut
  • Added Address Book to the dialer
  • Improved our Sync for lower data usage
  • Added the ability to sign up for for service from your phone

Here’s a list of all the updates, tweaks, fixes and more:
1.6 (8) – September 24, 2010

  • Critical bug fix for Cupcake and Donut devices

1.6 (7) – September 22, 2010

  • Added push messaging for Froyo
  • Added compatibility with Google Voice Actions – try “send text ari rabban hello”
  • Improved/simplified settings screen
  • Added inbox home screen shortcut
  • Improved icon for dialer home screen shortcut
  • Added better handling for switched SIM cards
  • Inbox: Added “home”, “refresh”, “compose” menu items
  • Call Logs: Added “home”, “refresh” menu items
  • Conversation: Added “inbox”, “delete” menu items
  • Conversation: Swapped name and time left-to-right
  • Dialer: Added “address book” menu item
  • Pre-populated email address field in sign up if known
  • No visual feedback on backspace and add contact buttons on dialer
  • Improved “sync” for lower data usage
  • Removed custom error report in favor of Froyos built in mechanism

1.5 (6) – July 29, 2010

  • Added ability to sign up directly from device and make phone calls immediately after download
  • Many address book improvements: type to filter, custom details screen
  • Added setting to choose refresh frequency
  • Improved sign up process with non-U.S. phones
  • Changed “compatibility mode” to “callback mode”

As you can see, our development team is working all the time to enhance and better our service but we’re also very happy to hear what you want. Maybe you’ve found a bug or have a feature you can’t live without. We want to hear from you, my email is and I will make sure our lead developer sees it.