Phone calls on the new iPad

I’ve been using the “New” iPad if that’s what it’s being called since launch day.  It’s been a real joy and a real productivity booster.  I’m not really sure why I’m getting so much more done on it but I am.  I’m suddenly writing more on it, reading a lot more of my email on it and getting a lot more work done with it while away from my computer.  Given it is an AT&T iPad so I can work anywhere I have reception and it’s 4G so it’s super fast here in Los Angeles when browsing and syncing documents.  I’m even writing this blog post on the iPad using a bluetooth keyboard.  And making calls can’t be easier with the Bria app by CounterPath using my account.  Single calls, conference calls, calls with bridges, it’s all a piece of cake.  I even have a stand for the iPad and sit it up next to my computer screen so I can read mail on it as it comes in.  Tablets seem to be the way of the future, not a fad that will pass like the ultra mini netbooks that were so popular just 3 years ago.

As great as the iPad is, it’s having voice communication ie. that brings it all together.  If you have an iPad I suggest and yes I know it costs but it’s well worth it, the Bria app and add an extension to your account for it.   I’ve become a powerhouse with just a simple tablet.  I think this is the way of the future.  I see myself very soon using the iPad with more then using my computer that doesn’t act as a phone yet…  It’s only a matter of time until employees all have tablets and can do everything they need to on it.

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