PCMagazine @Work and the NY SMB Tech Club

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By: Ari

Yesterday, Alon and I were gussets of PC Magazine in New York City.
We were invited to present Phone.com – Virtual Office and discuss trends in the small business phone market including hosted and managed pbxs and other solutions for SMEs.

This event was part of the New York SMB Club which was founded by Mor Sela and featured IT professionals from the tri-state area.

It was a great (and warm) NY evening! We had a live discussion exchanging ideas about the telecom needs of small business. What we all agreed on is how wide the definition of “SMB” (small – Medium Business) is. For some ‘medium’ is 1000 employees and for some it is 50.

For some (like phone.com) small business is 1-5 employees, also known as SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) or VSB (Very Small Business). As you can see there even is no shortage of acronyms.
The needs and requirements of course also vary based on type of business, stage of business and location.
If you are a NY IT professional we recommend joining the NY IT SMB club.

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