PBX Distribution During A Down Economy

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A Traditional old school IT manager or small office manager that has bestowed the authority to define the office new phone system, will go to the standard distribution channels for Avaya, Nortel, Mitel or Siemens, looking for a PBX or a Key system to fit his/her current office needs. In fact an experienced IT manager will try to satisfy the company needs five-ten years a head.

Yet as budgets are shrinking the two requirements seems to collide. While at the same time the operational requirements mount.
If you are a PBX distributer you are probably feeling the price and budget pressure from every direction, including in what seems to be, more promising VoIP systems.

The important element in the current economy is to keep the client happy with a solution that fits their budget, and up-sell as the future becomes greener. Well, most hardware systems can not provide the goods, not only because of features, but due to surmounting initial hardware costs or expensive financing models that simply do not make the final cut.

If you are a traditional PBX Distributor / installer supporting small business, there is good news for you.
Check the Phone.com Virtual Office solution as an example. It requires no hardware and no upfront cost to provide an office with all the modern telephony features they need at a cost that becomes a no brainer to the customer.
Not only that you can up-sell the solution and augment that with professional services and maintenance, but there is no inventory, no lead time and no up-front cost for you. Phone.com already has many distributors augmenting their on going pbx business with the Phone.com-virtual office solutions.

Phone.com has your back with 24×7 customer support available and can help with any handholding that may be required.
The solution starts at under $10/month and offers an all inclusive service with toll free numbers, extensions, IVR, Voice mail, queues, rule base routing, after hours and vacation handling, caller ID based routing for important calls and more.
The system is constantly updated with new features.

You can keep clients, prospects and all relationships going, you don’t need to pass on the deal due to budget constraints or features, you become their de-facto outsourced telephony manager and you can do all of that while on vacation in some all inclusive resort in the Bahamas.

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