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Virtual numbers from keep you connected where ever life or work takes you.

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Choose a phone number in your local area code or transfer an existing number to Add additional phone numbers for your business at any time.

Connect the way you want.

Get 40+ standard PBX features with a virtual phone number from and supercharge the way you communicate with customers. From anywhere in the world!

Greet callers with an auto attendant.

Greet callers to your virtual number with a phone menu and auto attendant. Automatically route calls to one or multiple phone numbers so callers can reach the right place the first time. Professional and efficient!

A phone system that goes wherever you go.

Enable your smartphone to access, manage and become your extension. Download the iOS app and you’ll be connected 24/7.

Forwards calls anywhere!

Easily forward calls to your cell phone, home phone or practically anything that rings. Your virtual number can go with you everywhere, but only if you want it to.

Know a personal call from a work one.

Know who's calling and whether they called your personal number or business virtual number, both of which can be easily identified on the same mobile device with caller ID or announcements.

Conference calling with every virtual number. user extensions come with their own private conference bridge for up to 500 participants. That's a lot! Callers use a unique pin to enter a conference call and with moderator controls you can start, end, & mute a conference call using the keypad.

Use your number for internet fax!

Need to receive faxes? Get an additional virtual number and use your service to send and receive digital faxes. Have faxes emailed directly to you or send your own e-fax by attaching PDFs and images to a fax, all from a simple web interface.

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