Outgoing Caller ID, Changed On The Fly From Mobile Office

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Outgoing Caller ID is an important feature. In this day and age of relentless scam attempts and sales calls it’s imperative to have your company represented properly when placing outgoing calls. I know many people who don’t answer their phones if they don’t recognize the caller ID showing up. And many SMB’s and entrepreneurs have more then 1 aspect to their business or even more then 1 business. It’s very important that recipients know who’s calling.

For example if you run Acme Construction Company and Acme Equipment Rental you have 2 different companies that do 2 different things and it may be out of the same office. You may want to save money by having just 1 Virtual Office account but it’s important to get the caller ID showing the right company name when calling out. It’s more professional. So to save money you can add a second number onto your Phone.com Virtual Office account for $4.88/month.

Something to remember is that like many small business these days, if you’re on a cell phone running our Mobile Office App you can change the outgoing caller ID on the fly on a per call basis. No need to carry 2 phones to have 2 different numbers. To change the setting go into your Mobile Office app and click Menu, then Settings. Your second option is Caller ID, click on that and select which number you want to use to make your outgoing call which in turn will show the right company name on the outgoing caller ID.


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