Our Mobile Web App Allows You To Use Phone.com On Most Smart Phone

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A mobile web app is an app that runs on the web in your browser instead of being downloaded and run on your phone or tablet.  Our mobile web app looks very much like our mobile phone apps but it’s browser based.  It has the ability to access your Phone.com address book, review phone logs, check voicemail and send/receive text messages as well as most importantly make phone calls.  You can also use it to call into your conference call bridge.  This is one very robust app and I want to make sure you know about it.

If you visit m.phone.com from your phones browser you can check out the mobile web app.  You’ll need to log in with your credentials, phone number, extension and voicemail password.  Once in you navigate with the Menu button on the top right where you’ll find all the options.

Our web app is ideal for people who don’t download apps on their phone, many older Android phones ran out of memory.  It’s also great when traveling outside the US because it uses a call back system and very often in foreign countries incoming calls are free, if you have a local sim.  Also if your data connection is slow or too costly our app isn’t heavy on the graphics so on slow speeds it will still work and it only uses a very small amount of data.

To populate your address book if you haven’t already you’ll have to sync or upload them from the Address Book section of your control panel.

Our mobile web app is a great service and ready for you to use now.  Go check it out and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.


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