Our Customer Forum

Phone.com has an active customer forum with constant discussions with and between customers.
We appreciate all the questions, suggestions and recommendations we get and look forward to doing even more with the forum in 2010.
In the meantime here is a great post from one of our customers that we would like to share:

“Ive been actively using phone.com for about 2 short weeks roughly…
So far?
I think its amazing. Especially since my old phone system was literally 20 years old, so this was quite a jump.
Phone.com is feature rich and flexible, which is very important, and was my main determinant to go with them after heavily researching at least 6-7 other VoIP carriers.
Im still waiting to see how I will be billed though, as this so far, will be the nail in the coffin as far as making a 100% qualified verdict on them.
But right now, with at least a 90% qualified verdict, couldnt be happier to have joined phone.com and ditch AT&T who was literally raping me with their outdated plans charging for this and that, as well as their third party services that would bill me for no clear explanation of exactly what they provided for my business (Qwest and Avaya). Only constantly telling me about hardware maintenance and we help AT&T do the billing, therefore we have to charge you” yada yada. I had enough.
So far, if everything works out as planned, Phone.com will be cutting my AT&T bill by nearly 2/3s, and offering 100x more features.
My only complaint, is that right off the bat, setting everything up is not as intuitive as I would like — and I consider myself tech savvy, so for ME to say this, is not a good thing.
However, ill quote one of the customer service reps by saying “you just have to connect the dots and it will eventually all come together.” And come together it did, big time — but only after 2-3 long, frustrating hours of constant trial and error.
But yea, eventually after extensive playing around, it certainly all clicked with me, and I can now fly through menus and do exactly what I want.
However, even if you get discouraged, one of the SINGLE BEST things about phone.com, is there 24-7 service, especially the live chat option as you sit in front of your computer.
and this MEANS 24/7, period. no ifs and ands. For every question I had, big or small, they were able to answer it over Live Chat (or phone, but live chat is the easiest for me). Of course theres a usual wait, but were talking usually only a few people in front of you. The longest Ive had to wait was 20 mins, during heavy call volume. But if youre like me at work, and have plenty of things to do on-screen while you wait, this is not a problem at all.
And trust me, as the reps at phone.com know, I totally use this to chat with them at all hours of the day whenever I have little questions here and there….
Its great. Just try it.”

We appreciate the feedback and the kind words!