One Phone Number – what does it really mean?

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For so many small businesses who use their cell phone or home phone number as their business phone number, put it on their business cards, website or other marketing collateral there is that constant blur between work and home.
Yes, so many of us probably got used to this and just assume what else can I do? Right?

Well. Wrong! There really is NO need for a business, any size business, to have the same number as its owner’s private phone number(s), home or cell.

This is what Virtual Office is really about. Helping the SOHOs (Small Office / Home Office).

With Virtual Office service a small business owner can order any phone number, they want, from any area code (assuming it is available) or a toll free number or a vanity toll free number (like 1800-Flowers) or even transfer their existing phone number to

Once the business owner has the number he/she wants they can manage it from the online control panel and decide what will happen when someone (anyone) calls that number. One can record a welcome greeting and direct callers to desired departments such as “press 1 for accounting” or just forward to a cell phone or a home phone or several phones can ring at once.

The idea is simple: now the small business can look and feel like a big business. It does not have to give out a private cell phone number as its business line. It can give out one number to all its employees (regardless of what area code they reside in- even overseas!).

And since one can even transfer their existing number to there is no need to print any new business cards.

There are so many things one can do with the Virtual Office service including sending and receiving faxes online, receiving voicemails straight to your email and even deciding whether to answer a call from someone specific or sending them straight to voicemail (based on caller ID dialing). All of the Virtual Office plans come with 24*7 customer support to guide you through any set up and also includes the first month free (and you can cancel if you don’t like It).

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