One Phone number or Many?

By: Alon Cohen

While companies like Google and have a feature that enables you to have one phone number that rings in many places, I find that the real value is actually with another feature that only has, which is the ability to manage multiple numbers from one user interface.

When I started using, I moved our Home Phone to a account and started forwarding calls from that number to my family members. Press 1 for Alon, Press 2 for my wife, and so on. The first thing I noticed is how quite my home office has become. All calls that were not for me came to the appropriate individuals Cell Phone number, or even an IP Phone in the respective room instead or ringing all over the house. Now I know that when my desk Phone rings or my cell Phone rings it is a call for me. In addition, since I blocked most of my spammers I also know it is an important call, and using Voice Tags I know where the call came from, which, I have to say, is great.

However, then I moved my Fax number to, I now had two numbers (not one) and the nice added value was that I stopped wasting paper on unwanted FAX spam, as I was receiving the faxes in my e-mail, as a bonus I was able to start blocking them as well.

Then I added my third number which is outside of the US so my parents could call me using a local call where they live and then added an iNum number (global International Number) so people from Skype will be able to call me using HD Voice and so that people all over the globe could call me while paying only a local call.

Finally, I added a toll free number for a small business I own so in case people call, it goes to voicemail during work hours and does not bother me with my main job during the day.
I ended up with a bunch of numbers but with that I think is where the Value of is. There is one point of management for all my phone numbers.

It seems that our lives may not always be simple enough for just one phone number; I save a bunch of time and money utilizing and a huge bonus is I’m able to manage all my numbers in one place.