One number for all your phones and voicemail

Yesterday we introduced our newest offering: Virtual Number.
Virtual Number is aimed at individuals on the go or anyone that has to juggle between 2 or more phones (cell phone, home phone, spouse phone?).

With Virtual Number anyone can get a new phone number at virtually any area code in the US, or even transfer one of their existing phone numbers (such as their main home number or cell phone number) to and “control” it from their personal control panel. Priced at just $4.88 per month for 250 minutes and just 3.9 cents per minute after the first 250 minutes. No worries about how many minutes you use though as the price is capped at $18.88 per month (unlimited minutes !!).

From your account you can record a welcome greeting and forward callers who dial your number to ANY phone you want (your home, your cell, your wife’s cell or your office, or kid cells). You can pretty much set your phones to ring in whatever sequence you want: all at once, or one after the other, or based on time of day, or based on who is calling you. Pretty neat! You can also greet individuals with a special greeting just for them, such as: “Hi mom… I am busy now so leave me a voicemail”

If you are traveling overseas or for any reason have a temporary phone you can make sure people reach you on that phone (such as a local cell phone you get for the time you are visiting a certain country) without the need to give out any new number or confuse anyone. Simply program your Virtual Number to forward to the temporary phone until you are done using it.

If you move to the other side of town or country, or overseas, but want to keep your number – Virtual Number is also your best way for keeping that number. Simply transfer your number to and control it from your Virtual Number account.

You will never lose a call no matter where you are. If you can not answer then use your voicemail to receive voicemails (one voicemail box for all your phones) and your message will be sent as a voice file attachment to your email of choice and even alert your cell phone with an SMS. If you choose to, for a fee of just 25¢ per voicemail, you can get your voicemails transcribed into text and read your voicemail from your blackberry or iPhone or any smart phone or email. Transcriptions are also sent as an SMS.

Virtual Number also lets you place outbound calls (and hide your REAL caller ID). Several ways of doing this: say you are on your cell phone (or any phone) and want to call some one but don’t want them to see your cell number. Just like using a calling card you enter your Virtual Number access code and dial the person you want. They will see your Virtual Number as the number trying to call them. You can also place calls directly from your PC: by using our “make an outbound call” button you can enter the number you wish to call and click send. Your phone (one that you set as your phone) will ring and then the party you called will be reached.

Virtual Number lets you upload your entire phone address book from Outlook or other popular address books and by doing so you can click to call any one of the numbers in your address book and even group them (friends, family, work) and recognize them when they call you and accept or reject their calls accordingly.

So as you can see, so many features and we did not even mention the ability to send a fax from your PC (perfect for the occasional fax sending needs).

Here is one last feature we like: – ChatCalls. This service allows you to record a greeting or type it and choose a synthesized / computerized voice and blast that message to a friend or any friends. For example: you created a group in your address-book called “my Friday night Texasholdem team” – you can now record a message saying: “ HI ALL – MEETING PLACE CHANGED TO MY HOUSE TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM” and click send to “Texasholdem” group – they will all get your message. No need to call each of them!

Finally: the price. 250 minutes cost $4.88 plus tax per month. No set up fee and if you transfer your current phone number then there is a onetime $25 transfer fee. If you use more minutes you pay only 3.9¢ per minute but we don’t charge you more than $18.88 !!


Upgrades: any Virtual Number account owner can upgrade to:

1) our full service Virtual Office plans and also to
2) our Home Phone plans where you can add a home voip line and enjoy a phone at home for just $19.88 per month unlimited monthly calls anywhere in the US (this service is still not available but will be coming out next month).

All the details can be found on the website: