One More Reason To Marry

Guest post:
A few months ago, Ari roped me into trying’s service. Having been an avid follower of VoIP service I was interested to see how was different from other VoIP providers. To be honest, I was skeptical that there could be much of a difference in voice service, but I can honestly say the trial over the past few months has been an eye opener. I’ll write about the details in later posts, but the one feature that truly got me hooked came two weeks ago – voice mail transcription (or text-voicemail).

Finally, I can do away with sitting on the phone and hitting those stupid digits to listen to long winded voicemails. With, I can screen my messages and review a transcript in my email box in minutes. It doesn’t take too many messages in the day for me to save a huge amount of time at work. And if I ever want to share the voicemail with a colleague, text is much easier for them as well.
Now, if I can only get Ari to transcribe by phone conversation…..something will just have to wait.

Bio: Dave Greenfield is a blogger for ZDNet and a long time technology journalist and analyst. You can follow some of his work here.