One Month Free On New Global Numbers!

We’re happy to introduce our latest deal, get one month free when signing up for a Global Number. Do you have any customers outside the US? Or a family member? Have you ever considered getting a phone number in a foreign country? Well now’s the time to get 1 month for free. will give you 1 free month just for signing up for a Global Number.

*First month’s flat monthly rate for Global phone number is free. Minutes used will be deducted from your plan.
*User will be responsible for any additional international fees that incur during this time.
*User must enter coupon code “GLOBAL” to activate.
*Good for new and current customers
*Promo end date TBA

Plus you always get free calls (uses your minutes but no additional fee) to many countries in addition to the US so this is a great 1 2 punch. All you have to do is log in to your account to add the Global Number using the coupon code GLOBAL or call our 24/7 customer care and ask them to add a Global Number.
Additional info can be found here.