On The Road but Have a Home Office Line?

Are you one of so many small business owners / sole proprietors that are on the road a lot but sill maintain a home office with a home office phone line?

Most such businesses have their phone solution structured as follows:

1) A second home phone line that is used as the home office phone line, and:

2) A cell phone (used for both work and private use)

Such a set up usually costs at least $50 for the second home phone line and in most cases this phone is not even used much because the business owner is out of the house most of the day and many calls end up in voicemail.

Also, both phone numbers may be presented on your business card but many times only the home office line will be on your card because the cell phone is kept private and only given to select customers / clients.

Of course, rarely would you put your cell phone on your business website!

Two ways Phone.com can help:

1) Cost: Why pay $50 for a phone line that may be used for two calls a day and for voicemails? You may even have a fax line and then the price is even higher.

2) Satisfaction / Productivity: Does your home office phone really serve you the right way? Why lose good business leads because you were not around to receive the call at your home office? Why lose voicemails because your mailbox is full? Or, why get calls to your cell phone from people you do NOT want bothering you.

With Phone.com you can get a home office phone line that will also ring your cell phone (if you want) when you are not at home to answer your home office phone, and send all your voicemails to your email (Phone.com mailboxes are never full) so you can view them from your smart phone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone) or just get a text message or SMS to your cell phone alerting you that you have voicemail on your home phone.

You also dont have to disclose your private cell phone number to anyone you dont want to because they can still reach you on your cell using your Phone.com home office number. If you want you can block certain callers from reaching your cell so they go straight to voicemail.

You can also set up a fax line that will send your faxes to your email and let you send out faxes from your computer – so no need for a dedicated fax line.

The price: $9.88 will do all of what is described above other than receiving fax (but you can send fax).

The value: priceless!

You can also transfer your existing phone office number so you dont need to print any new business cards.

Phone.com has a 24 hour call center and customer service representatives who will walk you through different plan options.