Off to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show & the HD Voice Summit

This week is CES. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES is the largest conference in Las Vegas and the place to be for previewing any new electronics product.

Alon and I will be there and will be taking part and speaking at the HD Voice Summit which is part of CES.

HD Voice is growing with more HD enabled hand sets available and more networks supporting it. In simple terms, a bit like HDTV, if you have the right device that supports HD (phone or TV) AND if the network is using HD than you can enjoy better quality picture or voice.
The only real difference is that for a phone call to be HD BOTH sides have to be equipped with an HD phone and be on an HD supported network. For example: If you are a customer and get an HD Phone and your business partner who lives in another town also gets a HD Phone. All calls between you will be enjoying very high quality voice!

To learn more about HD Voice click here.