Now when you get a voicemail you can read it!

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Today we introduced a new service at Text Voicemail.

I have been using it for a while now and love it! Any voicemail I receive arrives at my email inbox with, not only the voice file attached but also with a text transcription, so now I can simply read the message.

This really saves me time as it is much faster to read and also prevents me from playing the audio file or worse, logging into my voicemail to retrieve the message. Of course I can also get my voicemail while I am in a meeting or conference and can not use a phone.

We really think this service will be a great addition to our Virtual Office customers and are looking forward to seeing how it takes.

Any virtual office customer can add this service to their account with a couple of easy clicks. We give out the first 4 messages free and after that charge 25 cents per voicemail. The service can be turned on or off at any time simply by un-clicking the appropriate box.

Right now we only transcribe from English (I do get the occasional Hebrew voicemail and those I still need to listen to). We will of course provide updates as we expand the service.

As I write in each blog posting – we want feedback! So please let us know what you think of Text Voicemail.

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