Now Keep Your Address Book In Sync

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At we’re never content and good enough isn’t an option.  We always strive to enhance our service as well as listen to our customers.  We have a new feature that we’ve been working on and it’s a good one, plus it came from a user, so we’re extra happy to bring it to life.

We’ve added the ability to sync contacts from a variety of different online web services.  So you now import for example your Gmail contacts, then anytime you make a change on the Gmail side it can be sync’d to your account or extension.  It doesn’t work the other way around yet but we’re working on it.

The list of supported web email services is as follows Gmail of course as well as AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live and Plaxo the online phone book service.  We also support Outlook and Outlook Express.  Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live accounts can be set to sync automatically, daily, weekly or monthly.  We hope you’ll like this and it’s still new so if you come across anything that doesn’t work please email me,  We hope this will enhance your experience and make sure to keep the feature requests coming.