Eliminate Roaming Charges with Virtual Office from Phone.com

Recently, I found myself on a week-long junket through Europe without a local phone. No big deal, I thought, I‘d use my US number and swallow the roaming charges. They couldn’t be that bad, could they?
What a mistake. My kids thought it would be great fun to speak with dad and called me a few times a day and of course I keep getting work calls.
At the end of the trip, my phone bill reached several hundred dollars with a hefty amount of that coming from the roaming charges. That’s when I learned that Phone.com had the perfect solution. The combination of a virtual number and call forwarding would have eliminated roaming charges forever.

With virtual numbers, you can take a local presence in a foreign city even country (as you can even choose your area code). With call forwarding you can direct calls coming into your Phone.com phone to anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you’re a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer, or a top tier Chicago personal injury law firm. Together, you can slash your roaming charges forever.
Here’s how it works. Get a Phone.com Virtual Office account. Start today by making a point to only give out your Phone.com phone number. Anyone who wants to call you will call that number – not your mobile number directly. Why? Because Phone.com provides you with some pretty powerful call handling features that let’s you control as to when and where incoming calls reach you, features not found with most mobile plans.

So if you want to reach me, for example, you’ll call my Phone.com number. I’ve enabled Phone.com’s call handling rules to ring my desk phone and computer’s soft client. This way if I’m logged in one way or another I can take the incoming call, but if I’m out of the office, the call then forwards over to my mobile line. (If I still don’t answer my mobile number, my Phone.com voicemail picks up and sends the voicemail to my email and texts my mobile phone, but that’s another matter). This way I’m controlling my calls not the other way around.

However, also if I am overseas I will forward calls to my international phone (a local SIM card or phone I pick up wherever I visit) and anyone calling me from the US will still find me and pay the local price call only (I can even set a “do not disturb” option so that I am not bothered due to different time zones).
Now if I want to call out I get a Phone.com Global Number which is a local number in whatever country I visit (it is only $4.88 per month for many European and other major destinations), now I can dial that number and reach any US phone I want to forward that number to. NO roaming charges whatsoever.
If you have continued business in that county you keep that number and let your clients or business associates use it to reach you when you!

Phone.com Virtual Office plans start at just $9.88 per month and with a 24*7 call center you can always call or chat online and find out more information about the service and available plans. Or … just ask using Twitter or Facebook.