No More Amazon Affiliate Program In California

I got 3 shocking emails yesterday from Amazon’s Affiliate program. The first warning me that if the California State Governor (Gerry Brown) passed a law it would make Amazon’s affiliate program not viable because of the tax situation. I won’t go into those details because I’m not well versed enough.

But here’s the situation, I’ve had a personal blog for many years now and for a year or 2 I’ve had Amazon Affiliate sales stuff on it. I put it up thinking I’d make a few bucks and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve made very few dollars from it but that’s ok. It was really just try out. That’s my background but I have a lot of friends who earn an income from Amazon’s Affiliate Sales program. I’ve made some good friends over the years in the blogging world and a lot of these people started off having regular jobs doing standard things but started blogging and next thing you know they’re quitting their day jobs to blog full time. For most of them the money wasn’t in the blogging itself but in the sales they made on their sites. They’ve sold anything from mobile phones to construction material. Making a living this way isn’t easy but they did it anyway. They counted on whatever affiliate program they were working with to pay the bills and it has for many people over the last few years.

This essentially is putting Amazon’s Affiliate program out of business in the State of California. Translating to a great deal of self employed people and many small to medium businesses that count on this are going out of business. This is sad in my opinion. The US is built on the backs of small and medium businesses. It’s counterproductive and hurting the economy to put all these entrepreneurs out of business and may put a lot of people back on unemployment.

This is a sad day for California and a day a lot of my blogging friends, self employed and entrepreneurs will not forget. Is this affecting your business?