NFC On A Mobile Is More Secure Then NFC On A Credit Card

I’m so tired of hearing about NFC payment via our phones. I’m disappointed hearing but not seeing it come to reality. It’s ridiculous and angering to me. For so many years I hear and read it’s coming but the biggest complaint is always security. Have u ever used NFC? No? Then you have no idea what ur talking about. I have many times by choice and a handful of times without my knowledge. Yup security currently sucks on my NFC enabled device. I’m talking about my American Express card, it has an NFC chip in it and it’s been used without my permission many times. Typically when I’m in an airport I get someone who bumps into me apologize and A few hours later I get a call, SMS and email, if I’m on the ground otherwise when I land I’m alerted to some funny business on my credit card. Or if it’s not that funny of a transaction I may notice it on my bill if I look at it the next month. Yes I’m talking about bogus charges.

The reason this is happening is because security on credit cards enabled with NFC chips is non existent and treated like a traditional cc without an NFC chip. You just have to slide, swipe, or input the card by the point of sale machine. That’s great when you have to pull out the card and physically do something with it but not when it can be read from a few centimeters to an inch or so. When my wallet is in my pocket with my credit card in it and it can be read by a skimming machine then later on charged, that’s NOT secure.

You known what is secure? Having to activate the NFC radio. I have to pull it out of my pocket and press some buttons. If it’s built into my phone it can’t be just skimmed by some NFC reader at the airport when someone bumps into me. I spoke to Bill Gajda the Global Head of Visa Mobile at Mobile World Congress this last year in Barcelona and he explained the levels of security when using the Visa NFC app on a mobile phone. There were at least 2 levels of security including turning on the app then activating the NFC transmitter. I get the feeling he was holding back and not showing me the ability to add a security code to turn on the app as well (just because it wasn’t public yet).

So u tell me what’s more secure? NO security on a traditional credit card or the 2 and probably 3 levels of security when using an NFC enabled mobile phone. So think again if your not wanting to use your phone to make payments. It’s significantly more secure and well what else needs to be said.