New Number or Migrate Your Current Number

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When signing up for service you’re starting in on a road you won’t ever want to come back from.  You’re going to get features that until the last few years only large corporations had access to.  But one of the first choices you’re going to have to make is in regard to your phone number.  If you’ve been using a dedicated number for business up to that point it’s a no brainer, just migrate your number over.  For many small businesses it’s not that simple.  A lot of the time a founder has been using a cell phone number.  Most of the time it’s their own personal cell phone number so they can save money.  

At this point is where the decision must be made.  Do you get a new number to represent your company or do you move your current number over from your cell phone carrier.  Keep in mind you can get toll free numbers as well as personalized numbers from us.  

I think it mostly all comes down to preference.  I personally prefer to have my business calls all run to my business number and then to my cell phone (as well as my desktop IP phone).  I only give out my personal cell phone number to close family and friends.  

Some will agree some won’t but it’s up to you to decide if you want a new number when signing up for or to move a current number over or both.  What did you decide to do?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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