More New Features On The iPhone App

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Since the overhaul of our iPhone app we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from our customers. Many say that the app is adding value to their phone service, as it makes their business phones even more accessible.

Some of the best feedback we’ve received has been in the form of feature suggestions and bug reports that help us continue improving the functionality of the app. Guess what? We are listening and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your feedback with us!

Users with iPhone 4 and above may have noticed our recent update to the app — updates aren’t available on the iPhone 3GS; however, the old version of the app is still available for those devices.

Here are some of the fantastic new features!

  • Send Faxes:  Send faxes using the app by attaching images, Microsoft Word documents and PDF files saved on your mobile device.
  • Record Greetings:  No more logging into our control panel to edit your voicemail greetings.  You can record your own greeting or create a text-to-speech greeting on the fly, then set it as your voicemail greeting.
  • Manage Greetings: Edit, review and delete existing greetings for your extension.
  • Enable and Disable Voicemail:  Enable or disable voicemail for your extension.

We also improved components under the hood. These enhancements include an improved login process, menu updates and faster loading of your contact lists—especially for those of you with enormous contact lists.

Don’t you feel like you just unwrapped a gift?  We’re excited to continue improving our mobile app.  Please keep the suggestions coming and we’ll have more for you to unwrap in the future!