New Additions to

A couple of weeks ago we introduced our new service / application called:

We are now happy to say that all customers can enjoy an upgraded version of Chatcalls as part of their accounts.

With a account you get several benefits:

1) No ads,

2) since you can upload your addressbook to your account you can also choose people from your address book and send them messages – essentially you can blast all your friends and remind them of an upcoming event or remind co-workers of a deadline for a project or perhaps remind all the soccer moms that the game for Sunday is cancelled due to rain!

Three more things to note:

1) Chatcalls is compatible with iPhone so you can easily send Chatcalls from your iPhone and

2) We have created several Chatcalls widgets that can be found on our website so you can embed them on your website or blog.

3) For the more sophisticated users, we have a Chatcalls API that will let you build your own application based on the general concept of Chatcalls and taking advantage of all our applications. For more information visit the website.

Use it. Tell all your friends and let us know what you think!

More yet to come!