Nano-Blogging Meets Phone.Com. Or: Choose your Caller ID name with

Our world is filled with visual noise today and yet technology has given us the opportunity to create our own success through brand recognition. Whether it is as a means of pure advertisement or proof of your being at the forefront of the industry- brand recognition is a fundamental feature of today’s business world and within reach of your organization. is bringing it even closer with a new feature, which allows the user to choose the text to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID when a call is placed.

Prove your Worth One of the greatest ways to ensure that your customer, client, investor or other contact never questions your commitment to him is to be sure he realizes that you made the call as promised-even if he wasn’t there to answer. This is possible, thanks to the caller ID function available with hosted VoIP-voice over internet protocol- service.

Spread Your Message This feature provides the user to be truly creative. Rather than listing just the business name, perhaps there is a better way of catching the attention of a wandering eye. A lot can be said with just a few letters- fifteen to be exact. This is proven time and time again on novelty license plates.

Recognize the Reward Although this feature does not extend to phone book listings, can stop short if the receiving party’s carrier does not query the national database of Caller ID listings, and can take up to thirty days to register, it is free with some VoIP services and has the potential to add another dimension to your way of doing business. There are a couple matters to address when registering your new Caller ID. First, be sure that your business is classified as such- otherwise Food, LLC may be seen as LLC Food because the system will believe that Food is the last name on a personal account. Secondly, this option is not yet available for toll free numbers, so be prepared to call out of the non-toll free line because you won’t want to miss an opportunity to spread the word- or the ID- of your top notch business.

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