My Top 5 Favorite Things About iOS 7

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I was asked what I really like about iOS 7, this is what I came up with off the cuff. There’s a lot more I’m really enjoying and I’ll probably talk more about it again soon.

1. Control Center. Apple finally allows you to switch on and off wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode and a few other settings, set the brightness of your screen, play music, activate AirDrop, Airplay and turn a bunch of other commonly used features… including an all new flashlight.

2. AirDrop. One of my favorite additions, you can now transfer files like pictures or contact info wirelessly and over a peer to peer wifi network. No wireless router needed. Yes it’s like Samsung’s SBeam but with no need to touch devices.

3. Folders. Folders aren’t new but now there’s no limit to the number of apps you can keep in a folder, you can have page after page of apps in them. What’s really nice is the ability to finally put Newsstand into a folder.

4. The camera is all new. It includes filters, the ability to shoot square pics and filters like in Instagram. I threw this one in because my wife really likes it.

5. New security. iPhones are stolen daily and once they’re gone they’re just gone. You can use Find iPhone to lock or wipe your phone but that’s about it. If someone formats it they’re able to use it, until now. With iOS 7 once your iPhone is locked or wiped it can’t be used until you put your password in. So it’s useless to a thief in turn hopefully cutting down on iPhone theft.


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