Mr. H Is Getting

I stopped by my best friends parents house today because his dad Mr. H, had some minor surgery yesterday and I wanted to visit him. We chatted about all kinds of things and he asked me what I’m doing these days. Once he found out what does he was instantly interested in lowering his few hundred dollar a month office telephone bill. After answering questions about him being able to drop his 800 number fax line or bringing it over to and explaining the follow me features he was sold.

Mr. H is self employed small business owner and travels for his job and for pleasure. He was telling me that he spends more and more time away from his office so the call handling rules are perfect for him, having calls ring in his office before ringing on his cell phone. He also told me that he gets way to many solicitation phone calls asking for donations or scam calls, so he’s looking forward to the call screening feature.

Mr. H was still recovering from his surgery so I told him about the different Virtual Office plans we offer instead of getting out a computer. He’s all set to sign up for the Virtual Office 600 plan for a little less then $20/month and will be able to save nearly $200/month. He’s looking forward to signing up as soon as he’s back at work next week.