Mission Possible: Responsiveness to Customers’ Needs


Below is a copy of an article published in TMCNET about Phone.coms customer support:

Phone.com is committed to giving each of their customers excellent service and tech support and this can be seen by customer phone feedback and email comments such as, “Phone.com provides solid plans with great features; at fantastic price points, with outstanding in-house customer support. Adding new and missing features is a top priority for Phone.com. They are definitely responsive to their customers needs!”

Phone.com claims to be the most responsive virtual phone system provider on the Internet in terms of customer service needs, phone support and email feedback. Its no wonder that Phone.com is arguably one of the best. The company’s success at being the best in customer service is simply achieved by actually listening to users and applying their feedback to improving Phone.com.
An example of Phone.com’s dedication is shown through Mike, an experienced young phone rep at Phone.com, who recently took a call regarding out-going electronic faxes, which Phone.com offers for free. The customer calling referenced the fact that at the top of all out-bound fax documents the time-date stamp included the word “Phone.com,” rather than the name of the company or party sending the fax. 
As a result of this customer’s feedback, the fax feature was actually revised to reveal a more generic time and date stamp at the top of all out-going fax documents, which is more to the liking of many small business owners.
In another instance, a customer called in, concerned about pricing overages impacting the monthly cost of his Virtual Office 2500 plan. The customer offered some feedback, suggesting the possible introduction of a “bulk rate” pricing feature that would take affect after running through all the minutes allowed by ones’ plan.
Management at Phone.com discussed this feedback that very week in their staff meeting, and revised the pricing model by adding “bulk minutes” to all Virtual Office plans, at a discounted rate. As you can imagine, the feedback associated with this change is nothing but positive.
When Phone.com is told by customers that they had, “not received customer service like this in a VERY long time!” They not only pat themselves on the back but also give credit to their users who help them be the best in customer service and tech support.   
Virtual Phone System Review summed it up quite eloquently:
“Phone.com’s Virtual Office is our #1 pick. This company is listening to what their customers are asking for and is continually adding features to their product offering that make it a top notch pick for any small business. Add to that their outstanding customer service, and they are a provider that’s going to be hard to beat.”