Skylight: Case Study

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Skylight is a startup that specializes in home renovation services. With their tools and technology, the company works with the best contractors nationwide to deliver a personalized, efficient, on-budget renovations for their clients.


Skylight’s CTO Mike Gentili recently paired with’s CTO/EVP Alon Cohen on how to use’s Zapier API integration along with Salesforce APIs and a serverless Lambda on AWS to greater benefit his company and streamline their systems without having employees getting overwhelmed.


Q: How did your work with help solve your problems?


A: We’re already using Zapier with Salesforce to handle various email channels, so after going through the OAUTH flow for our account I’m immediately putting together my first Zap to log SMS messages received on our office number on to Leads in our Salesforce instance. After an hour of work, my Zap is done.  


Q: How did you close the loop on SMS messaging to ensure all data was captured and sent to the right places?


A:  First I duplicated the above Inbound SMS Zap and turned it into an Outbound SMS version so we’re logging both sides of the conversation. Second, I created a Send SMS Zap that reversed the direction, triggering off of the creation of a custom Send SMS task in Salesforce. This allows Salesforce to automatically send SMS messages via, using our business phone number as the “Caller” ID of the message, as part of the Lead flow.


And so with less than a day’s work I’ve integrated two of our major services, solved the communications logging problem, and added customer contact automation as a bonus. My mind has been blown!


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