Meet MAX BOULAVARD –’s Best Customer!


About Max:

NameMax BoulevardGreatest FlawToo trusting
Age41Best Quality‘Never told a lie’
Height5’11” (He believes he is 6’+)BornUnited States
Weight210 lbs.HometownCleveland, OH
Hair ColorBrown/GrayCurrent ResidencePleasantville, NY
Skin ColorLight TanEducationHigh School. Dropped out of College to pursuit acting career.
SpouseWife, BonnieLong Term GoalsBe contacted.
Spouse InformationCalls her the ‘little lady’. Was once beautiful, but has since gained weight. Dyes hair blond every week. Born in Oklahoma and attends church regularly. Avid baker, Max loves cakes.
HealthGood health, excellent dental condition. Likes when people notice his good teeth. Works out on occasion to stay fit for a possible future casting call.
Smoking/DrinkingDoesn’t smoke, but drinks. Never drinks before driving. Enjoys a bourbon from the ‘little lady’ upon arriving home.
HabbitsAlways checks his phone messages, stemming from missing his big break casting call because he was out. Always carries 2 phones.
Speech Style/Type CatchphraseReagenesque, trustworthy, slow and smooth Always tells his passengers; “I’ll be right there”. Once in the vehicle; “Passport, ticket, phone?” To start a conversation and network his acting career; “What about Gene Hackman in the French Connection?”
Self-Perceived ImageIn-between’ actor; someone who is about to happen, on the verge of catching his big break.
Motivates CharacterGetting the message, always being a nice person, and helping others. Genuinely a nice person. Likes his wife’s Christianity.
Life GoalsGetting the big break call. Always answers the phone expecting good news; he cannot imagine getting bad news. Morale always high.
Makes HappyPressing the green call accept button.
Makes SadPressing the red call end button.
Generous?Yes, and positive about life.
Polite?Yes, always seeing the bright side of things.
OccupationActor/Owner Limo Rental Co. (Always tells people actor, before owner of limo rental company)
Income$130,000/year (pre-tax) plus tips.
EmployeesHad to fire his receptionist because she let one of his clients down. Is his own secretary using His Wife schedules limo bookings.
Driver 1 – Jose, young; always on time for pick-ups,
Driver 2 – Hank, former policeman; drives fast.
Loyal CustomersVi, ‘old lady’; was once a famous dancer and actress; Max personally drives her to listen to her stories from when she was famous. Drives weekly to her tearoom socials.
AgentTony; owner of 2 supermarkets in northern NJ. Balances agent calls to Max Boulevard with shelf-stocking instructions to his employees. Always tells Max ‘I think I got something big!’
RadioListens to music as the soundtrack of his life, never misses a Cleveland Indians baseball game.

Watch Max in action: