May Your Experience Be Magical

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Close your eyes for a moment and think about a time where you have called a support line only to get lost in a sea of menus and voice prompts, leaving you to rapid fire zeros until you get to a human being.  Now think about a time you have spoken with said human being and they were either completely unhelpful or even worse, had a terrible attitude.  Undoubtedly you can think of countless instances where this has occurred.

In his book “Moments of Magic”, Shep Hyken (Twitter: @Hyken) teaches us that each encounter a customer has with our product, website and customer service is a moment of truth.  In that moment they will either experience a “Moment of Misery” or a “Moment of Magic.”  As customer service professionals, it is so easy to overlook the fact that the way we treat our customers can have a lasting impact on them both good and bad.

Since starting CommunicateBetterBlog a few months ago, I have become aware of the work of people like Shep Hyken and companies like Zappos and The Ritz Carlton who differentiate themselves from their competition with legendary customer service.  I thought it only appropriate to list some of the things we are doing at to make your experience better.  From a customer service standpoint, one thing that excites me most is that our entire company is concerned about the customer experience.

  • Customer Appreciation: We realize our customers are the life blood of our business so we are doing simple things like sending notes of appreciation.
  • Listening To Our Customers: This is nothing new but we are actively listening to our customers.  We love feedback both good and bad.  If you share negative feedback, you WILL get a response and we WILL do something to improve.
  • Helpful Tools Like Fonolo: Did you know we have the Fonolo widget on our support page so you don’t have to listen to our hold music?  Fonolo will do that for you and call you when you are connected with an agent.
  • Better Website: Our new website was designed with simplicity in mind.  We want to make it easier for you to find the plan that’s right for you without the headache of spending hours searching.
  • Commitment To Reliability: Our chief focus in engineering is to build a system you can trust and we are excited at the commitment to continuous improvement.

 We understand that the power to make or break your day is a tremendous responsibility and we do not take that lightly.  We want every encounter with our product, website and customer service to truly be magical!


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