Marshall Hatfield Founder, Lead Consultant Moonlit Ventures

Marshall Hatfield Founder, Lead Consultant Moonlit Ventures

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Dear Jeremy,

I just got off the Live chat with Jon T, and after so many great experiences with Customer Support in general, I felt it was worth an extra few minutes of my time to pass along my sincere gratitude.

After having used nearly all the most popular vPBX services available, I can say conclusively that is hands down the most user-friendly and pleasant experience of all.

The Customer Support available through has helped me solve problems at all hours – day and night – thanks to the surprisingly helpful and constantly available live telephone & chat support. I’ve literally never had a question I couldn’t get answered within 30-45 minutes (or less), regardless of whether my question was super simple or more complex technical issues.

In addition, the Customer Support staff (Jon T being a great example) are always courteous, prompt, and actually helpful! I can only remember one time in the past 8 months that my initial support representative needed any additional assistance to give me the answer I need. It is obvious that the training & management of the support staff for is among the best for web-based services in general. I only wish some of my other service providers could take a hint.

Thanks again for being such a great service.
Looking forward to my next need for Customer Support, just so I can seek support in one of the only service environments around where I can rest assured I will actually receive a prompt, helpful response (at any time).

Marshall Hatfield
Founder, Lead Consultant
Moonlit Ventures LLC


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