Mark T. Hanley

I want to thank you all for the great service that has provided over the past year. When I was looking to change to a new company last year, I looked at over thirty different companies in the voice mail / voice over IP service / answering service / faxing / emailing service type businesses, to handle all my communication needs with the world. I own two different companies, with totally different types of needs in communication services, and I needed to run both businesses with ONE cell phone. The thirty businesses or more, I personally talked to, when I told them what I needed to do, all I heard from ninety percent of them, we cant do what you want. I live in the area of the country, that the local phone numbers I had for twenty years, could not be transferred to there company, everyone could port my 800 numbers, but could not port over the local numbers. I had four or five companies say they could port over all my numbers, and all together they wasted almost two months of my time combined, saying they could do what I wanted, call me week later, and tell me they can not do what I need, “sorry we can help you”, and hang up. I finally found, not only did they port all my numbers for me, set up the system just like I needed, service has been GREAT !!!!, if there was a problem that needed to be solved, they took care of it now, not next week. They also are one of the few companies in the communication industry that I found, that has 24 / 7 tech support, and on top of that they where by far less expensive then any other company. Now I run everything with one cell phone, and are so thankful that a company like is there for me, and other like me.